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Beth Molaro

Yoga Teacher

Beth 1.jpg

Beth's yoga journey began as a small child when she, for some unknown reason, began taking yoga books out of the library trying to teach herself yoga as a 10 year old. Upon moving to Asheville in 1996, she began to practice Iyengar style yoga until she discovered the Kaiut Yoga Method in 2018. Since then, Kaiut has become her primary yoga focus. 


After Beth's first Kaiut Yoga class, she was completely sold on the value of this method. Researching just what was this “Kaiut Yoga thing” led her to stories of older students who had been practicing Kaiut Yoga for 20 years and now in their eighties were only aware of their own aging when they looked in the mirror!


Beth's goal as a Kaiut Yoga Method Teacher is to help students to gently clear and re-align the body's energies, calm the nervous system, and ease pain and stress to improve their quality of life.

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