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Hannah Gallagher

Yoga Teacher

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As a lifelong yogi and spiritual student, Hannah has shared movement and meditation globally for ten years. Her gentle and joyful presence invites practitioners to awaken sat guru, the teacher within.


Group offerings are shaped by embodiment, ritual and the cosmos. Private sessions of Thai Therapeutic Massage and Somatic Experiencing emphasize ease, attunement and self-soothing. These trauma informed practices calm the nervous system, balance energy flow and cultivate a natural healing state.


Formerly the visiting practitioner at Patina Maldives and the resident instructor at COMO Uma Canggu and NIHI Sumba, Hannah is certified in Prana Vinyasa by founder Shiva Rea, Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy by Dr. Brian Weiss and Thai Therapeutic Massage by the Shivagakomarpaj School.


Hannah’s personal practice is Kundalini yoga under the guidance of Myrah Peñaloza and meditation honoring the lineage of Neem Karoli Baba. She resided in Bali for six years and is enrolled in the Daoist Traditions DACM program. Hannah enjoys Cha Dao tea ceremonies, Pilates, weight training, plant based cooking, mythology and being in harmony with nature.

ERYT 500

Integrative Wellness Practitioner

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