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Meditative Experience

Rest, release, and recharge in our Meditative Experience room.

Each 30 minute session includes PEMF, Far Infrared, Photon Light Therapy, Crystal Therapy, Aromatherapy, and Sound Therapy; with the option to experience all of the therapies or customize your session.


Therapy benefits include...
PEMF: Balances your body's natural biorhythms.
Far Infrared: Decreases pain, inflammation, and stiffness.
Photon Light Therapy: Production of new blood cells and detoxification.
Crystal Therapy: Lowers stress and anxiety, and increases the effectiveness of other therapies.
Aromatherapy: Relieves pain, reduces anxiety, and promotes relaxation.
Sound Therapy: Shifts brainwaves, supports meditation, and clears energy channels

If you participate in a Meditative Experience session, you will have the option of using PEMF during the session.  You should not use PEMF without first consulting your medical provider if you have any of the following conditions:

A pacemaker; If you are pregnant or trying to become pregnant; Varicose veins; Open wounds or areas of thin skin; Bypass surgery; Conditions requiring the use of muscle relaxers; Use of blood thinners such as Coumadin; Decreased skin integrity or temperature sensitivity; Surgical implants.

Sessions are available 7 days a week.

Same day appointments are available with a min 2 hour notice.

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