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Rachel Lynes

Yoga Teacher

Rachel L_1.jpeg

Rachel remembers going to yoga classes with her mom as a little kid. While she would roll around in child's pose and color on her coloring book, the seed for her love of yoga was planted here. She found a consistent practice at 16 in Santa Cruz, California and began teaching soon after. Fast forward a decade and many life lessons, Rachel has found her passion for teaching more than ever here in the beautiful mountains.


In her classes she hopes for students to be able to find the joy that being present in one's own body can bring. She encourages students to bring a sense of humor on to the mat and out into the rest of their day. Rachel holds a deep reverence for how this practice can transform our relationships with ourselves and those around us, as well as the impact that change can have on our community and the world. She is honored to have the opportunity to teach here and share with you your practice as well as some laughter!

Studio Schedule
Strong Flow: Thursdays, 5:30pm

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